Legends of Troy: The Siege Slot

Legends of Troy: The Siege is the third and latest instalment in High5Games’ Greek-inspired online slot series. This time, the epic saga plays out on an unusual setting that hosts a layout consisting of 9 individual play areas, each housing 4 symbol positions across 2 reels.

Symbol Fusions and a Multiplier Feature can combine to create solid wins, free spins offer great payout potential and even non-winning spins serve the purpose of increasing various multipliers – plenty is going on in this new online slot.

You can check out the game’s key features below before diving into our full Legends of Troy: The Siege slot review.

  • Layout: 9 play areas, each with 4 symbol positions across 2 reels
  • Paylines: Large symbol scatter pays
  • RTP: 96%
  • Volatility: High
  • Max Win: 10,031x
  • Features: Symbol Fusion Feature, Multiplier Feature, Free Spins

Legends of Troy: The Siege Features

Legends of Troy: The Siege boasts several unique features that help to keep things interesting. The free spins bonus is the ultimate goal but various elements within the base game help to keep regular spins fresh and exciting.

Symbol Fusion Feature

The base game has 9 distinct play areas. Each area consists of 2 separate reels and 4 symbol positions. When all positions in a play area contain the same symbol, the 4 symbols fuse to create a larger version of that symbol. This is important to note because only large symbols can form winning combinations.

Multiplier Feature

Non-winning spins can charge each of the play areas to award special base game multipliers worth up to 100x. There are specific criteria to unlock these multipliers, which are as follows:

  • If any of the 9 play areas are not charged or part of a winning combination that awards a payout for 20 consecutive spins then that area becomes charged for the next 4 base game spins.
  • Any play area that was not charged or part of a winning combination that awards a payout for 15 or fewer consecutive spins and is not currently charged may randomly become charged.

If a charged play area is utilised in a winning combination, that payout receives a multiplier based on the number of charged play areas in the win, as outlined by the table below.

Charged Play AreasMultiplier Awarded
12x Multiplier
23x Multiplier
35x Multiplier
47x Multiplier
510x Multiplier
620x MUltiplier
730x Multiplier
850x Multiplier
9100x Multiplier

Scatter Symbol

Legends of Troy: The Siege classifies all fused large symbols as Scatter symbols due to the game’s unique payout mechanic. Any play area that contains 4 matching symbols will create a larger version of that symbol, which acts as a Scatter symbol in the paytable – you need a minimum of 3 matching Scatter symbols to form a winning combination.

Legends of Troy: The Siege Free Spins and Bonus

During the base game, 3 or 4 large Bonus symbols in any position will trigger the free spins on Legends of Troy: The Siege. Again, you’ll need to land 4 smaller Bonus symbols within 1 specific play area to create a single large Bonus symbol. You’ll receive a set amount of free spins depending on how many Bonus symbols appear as outlined below.

  • 3 Large Bonus symbols: 7 free spins
  • 4 Large bonus symbols: 10 free spins

During free spins, each play area only contains full Scatter symbols. Also, a special version of the Multiplier Feature becomes active within the bonus. Now, a random number of reels become charged for each free spin. Winning combinations gain a set multiplier depending on how many charged play areas are part of any given win – again, ranging from 2x – 100x.

You cannot retrigger free spins as Bonus symbols are not present during the feature.

Legends of Troy: The Siege Theme and Symbols

Legends of Troy screenshot

As the name suggests, Legends of Troy: The Siege draws its inspiration from the fabled battles described in Greek mythology. The blend of thematically befitting visuals and an epic audio soundtrack help to create a truly immersive experience on each spin.

The paytable is made up of 8 regular symbols, with standard J-A royals depicting smaller wins and coins, horns, helmets and swords indicating much more valuable payouts.

Legends of Troy: The Siege RTP and Volatility

High5Games has classified Legends of Troy: The Siege as a high volatility online slot. It also comes with an industry average 96% RTP. The combination of these elements means that regular payouts may be hard to come by but large wins are definitely possible.

How To Play Legends of Troy: The Siege

Legends of Troy: The Siege is rather unusual in terms of its gameplay. It doesn’t utilise a standard reel and payline system like other slots. Instead, it consists of 9 individual play areas, which can create Scatter symbols to award wins irrespective of their position. Nevertheless, once you come to terms with this unique mechanic, the gameplay becomes relatively straightforward.

The wide range of betting options should appeal to all players and the game’s necessary functions are conveniently located below the play area.

Slotsia’s Review

If High5Games intended to create a unique online slot, then we can safely say the provider has fulfilled its goal. Legends of Troy: The Siege may not suit everyone’s taste but if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary we can certainly recommend giving it a go.

Immense multipliers offer players a chance at solid wins within the base game and the free spins feature only improves this slot’s payout potential.

Pros and cons

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96% RTP

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Free spins

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Up to 100x multipliers

High volatility

Potentially confusing gameplay