Space Stacks Slot

Pushing Gaming has never been one to worry about breaking with tradition and mixing things up when it comes to the development of new online slots. Space Stacks, the provider’s latest release, is a prime example of this as it introduces a brand new betting system called Reelbets that more closely resembles certain live casino game shows than it does conventional slots.

Here, you’ll be betting on individual reels for a chance to win instant prizes or features worth up to 5,000x your stake depending on the outcome of each game round – whichever reel fills to the top first is the prize you’ll receive (provided that’s where you placed a bet).

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Space Stacks Features

In terms of its features and how you go about triggering them, Space Stacks is unlike any other slot. Here, it isn’t a case of landing certain symbols during a single spin, it’s about predicting the outcome of a game round by placing bets on individual betting blocks. Still, there are several unique features and mechanics to discover, so let’s dive right in.


As we’ve already touched upon, the Reelbets feature is the driving force behind Push Gaming’s latest release. You start by selecting the value of the casino chip you wish to wager and you then select one or more of the available betting blocks – each time you click, your bet will increase by the value of your chosen chip.

Enhancement Feature

Once you’ve selected your bets, hitting spin will start a game round. Next, the Enhancement feature will activate to potentially improve the value of the Instant Prize Blocks in the first six columns. Enchantment symbols will either increase or multiple the available prizes as follows:

  • Additions: +2, +3, +5, +10, +25, +50, +100, +250, +500 and +1,000
  • Multipliers: x2, x3, x5, x10, x25, x50 and x100

Instant Prize Blocks

The first six columns contain Instant Prize Blocks that award cash payouts based on the amount you’ve staked on that particular outcome. If you successfully land 10 symbols on one or more of these columns you’ll win the respective prize.

Instant Prize BlockMinimum PayoutAverage PayoutRTP
Blue 22x2.457x96.39%
Purple 22x2.759x96.35%
Green 33x4.479x96.33%
Pink 55x6.944x96.31%
Orange 1010x13.706x96.22%
Red 5050x65.026x96.13%

Feature Blocks

The remaining four columns you can bet on contain three triggerable bonus features and a maximum payout mechanic. Again, you must place a bet on the respective feature to be eligible to receive the corresponding prize should 10 symbols land on one or more columns.

  • Astro: Astro triggers an instant prize wheel with 32 segments. The segments contain instant prizes and bet multipliers, which you’ll accumulate until you land on the collect segment.
  • Flip: This feature consists of a 6×6 layout with selectable prize tiles. You get 3 picks, with each pick resulting in either an instant prize worth between 1x – 1,000x or a Rocket symbol. The first Rocket symbol activates a 2x multiplier, with each subsequent Rocket increasing your overall win multiplier – revealing a Rocket symbol does not reduce your number of remaining picks.
  • Apex: Similar to the base game, the Apex feature involves filling the respective columns to earn a prize. To begin, the Enhancement feature will trigger, awarding values worth between 2x – 20x and when a column is filled, the prize associated with that block is awarded. Each Instant Prize that you win will multiply all previously collected prizes. However, once two columns are filled, 3 lives become active. If one or more symbols land, the lives will reset back to 3. If no symbols land, one life is deducted from your remaining total.
  • Max: The Max block, positioned to the far right, instantly awards the game’s 5,000x maximum prize. Remember, though, you must have placed a bet on this block to receive the prize!

Space Stacks Free Spins and Bonus

Unlike many modern online slots, you cannot earn any free spins on Space Stacks. This release does not include any form of free spins bonus, all of the features you can earn must be awarded by selecting the respective betting blocks during the base game.

Space Stacks Theme and Symbols

Given the title of this release, it should come as no surprise that it’s a space-themed slot that takes you to the outer reaches and lets you explore all that lies in between. Although the theme itself may be nothing new, the symbols and the game’s layout have been expertly designed to deliver an enjoyable and immersive experience throughout – the overall presentation upholds the same high standards that Push Gaming has long been renowned for.

Space Stacks RTP and Volatility

Space Stacks comes with a medium volatility rating and an overall return to player rate of 96.23%. However, it’s important to remember that as this isn’t a typical online slot, the RTP can fluctuate depending on the blocks you choose to wager on.

How To Play Space Stacks

Space Stacks comes with a 10×10 layout that introduces a brand new Reelbets feature, which results in there being no traditional paylines. Here, the idea is that you select your stake and place bets on any of the Instant Prize or feature stacks to potentially win the respective rewards. You can check all of the game’s information via the collapsible tab before selecting a chip size between £0.01 – £100 – Instant Prize blocks cap at a £100 maximum bet, whilst the feature blocks cap at £20.

Slotsia’s Review

If nothing else, Push Gaming has created something entirely unique with Space Stacks. At the end of the day, if the slot’s industry is to continue to move forward, innovation is key and it must be said this release is wholly original. Whether that’s enough to earn Space Stacks mass plaudits is yet to be seen but we do believe many players will want to check it out both for its originality and non-traditional gameplay.

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Unique gameplay

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Innovative design

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Solid RTP

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Wide range of betting options

Mediocre maximum win potential