Mad Cars Slot

With a 5×6 setup and 50 paylines, this is an online slot that’s not too different to most others out there in terms of the setup. Mad Cars by Push Gaming has a memorable theme; the backdrop of rusty buildings and the wasteland gives off the vibe the developers desired and adds to the slot’s overall feel. Here we will detail exactly what you can expect from this entertaining slot if you decide you play for yourself.

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Mad Cars Features

The best aspect of Mad Cars is undoubtedly the varied features offered, with so many ways for you to potentially land some significant returns. 

There is fantastic depth and variation to the features, which we will now outline, although unlike most slots, there is no wild symbol to help you form a winning combination.

Instant Prize Car symbols

This is a pretty straightforward one, as you will see car symbols land on the reels that will have a multiplier attached to them, which range from 1x your stake up to 100x. 

These will land on the bottom row initially, but one will eventually reach the top, where you will be awarded the figure. Pleasingly, it’s possible to have more than one on the reels, so you could secure a hefty pay-out if the big multipliers land at the same time. 

Booster Symbols

When you play, you will immediately notice the boost reel that sits at the top of the grid, and it’s one that you should familiarise yourself with as it can help you out big time. 

Basically, on each spin, one of the following boosts will appear – and they will be triggered once you land a prize car symbol directly below it. 

Here are the boosts that can help: 

  • Gas symbol – These are valued from 1-6 and whatever number lands, the instant prize car will move forward by that amount. 
  • Multipliers – Values ranging from 2x to 100x can be added to the car below. 
  • Multiplier & Gas combo – It’s possible to get a combination of the two, which will give one number and one multiplier. 
  • Survivor – This will ensure a car symbol isn’t removed from the reels. 

Mad Cars Free Spins and Bonus

The main bonus comes in the form of free spins, which are triggered when the scatter car symbol passes the top row. Once that happens, you will be awarded seven free spins and five instant prize cars will be added to the reels. 

Pleasingly, when an instant prize car passes the top, you will receive a free spin and another prize car will be added at the bottom. 

Furthermore, there are extra bonuses that apply in this round. 

  • Line-Up – All the instant prize cars will align on the same row
  • Persistent Payer – These give their value to instant prize cars  for the current spin and all future spins while it is on the reels. 
  • Persistent Collector – This collects the values from all the instant prize cars that are on the reels at that time.
  • Persistent Payer & Collector combo – This gives out the value and then collects, bringing together both the boosts for a bigger bonus. 

Finally, after your last free spin you could benefit if the Mad Race feature is triggered. This happens randomly after that final spin, with all instant prize cars passing the top and paying out when this happens. 

Mad Cars Theme and Symbols

As mentioned, it’s fair to say Mad Cars doesn’t have the prettiest setting, with wasteland and rusty buildings setting the scene for his slot. Whilst it’s not totally unique, you won’t come across many games that are like this. Then, we have the souped-up cars with all different designs to really add to the atmosphere.

The range of symbols also reflect the theme, with cars, a steering wheel and a traffic cone just some of what you will come across and it adds to the game nicely.

Mad Cars RTP & Volatility

Another positive of Mad Cars is the RTP, which is 96.39%. Simply put, that compares very favourably to most other slots out there and will appeal. 

However, it is a highly volatile slot, which means you may have to be patient as you look to land big wins, even if they are possible. This isn’t ideal, but it should be noted it’s the same with most slots. 

How to Play Mad Cars

You may think that Mad Cars sounds complicated with all the features and boosts that are attached to it, along with needing to push the symbols over the top. But, that’s not really the case, and, as with most games, all the functions you need will surround the reels, with Mad Cars becoming easy to play once you start. 

In terms of stake limits, players can play from as little as 10p a spin and up to £100 a go, so it really is a game that’s accessible to all types. 

Slotsia’s Review

This new offering from Push Gaming should please many players as it simply has so much going for it. The theme is different, the graphics used reflect the intense atmosphere it creates and there’s something enjoyable about the fact it focuses on cars. There’s a lot to like when you add in the very good stake limits and competitive RTP. 

That’s without covering the best bit of Mad Cars, which is undoubtedly the features it boasts. The prospect of a 25,000x your win is fantastic, but the overall depth and variation to the bonuses means every spin can be enthralling, which is what the slots are about.

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