Choosing your bet

Sorry for digressing there a little bit. What we wanted to tell you here is how exactly choosing your bet at an online casino works. Again, we used to play at a lot of online casinos before we found out about this stuff. There’s just really no one explaining these things so you either get it yourself or you don’t. We are not ashamed to admit that we certainly didn’t.

How it works

Basically, there are two different things that you can control. You can either change your bet level or your coin worth. The thing that really caught us by surprise is that it usually makes no difference which one you adjust! We used to somehow thing that bet levels affected the odds of getting wild symbols or something like that, but they really don’t.

Gonzos Quest Coin Values

Your bet level controls how many coins you can win. If your bet level is low, you will only receive a small amount of coins with your winning combinations. By the same token, if your bet level is high, you will receive a huge amount of coins with your winning combinations.

This is where it gets interesting. In addition to controlling the amount of coins that you can win, you are also controlling the worth of said coins. If you play with both a high bet level and a high coin worth, you can win enormous amounts of cash. Then again, this means that you are playing with high stakes and could be wagering many pounds at time.


  • Winning 100 coins x £0.01 = £1
  • Winning 10 coins x £0.10 = £1
  • Winning 50 coins x £0.02 = £1
  • Winning 5 coins x £0.20 = £1

Long story short: money-wise, it does not matter whether you adjust your bet by changing the bet level or by changing the worth of coins. The only thing that you can control here is how your winnings will be displayed. Do you want to get loads of worthless coins or a few coins that are actually worth a lot? It’s like asking whether you want 100 British pounds or 14,878 Japanese yen. At the time of writing, these sums were worth just about the same.

Our advise to you would be to use coins that are worth £0.01. This way you do not have to convert your coins into pounds as your coins will basically be worth 1 pence a piece. Thus, 50 coins will be worth 50 pence, 500 coins will be worth 5 pounds etc.

Good luck in winning yourself some Pound Sterlings!


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