How To Play Slingo: The Beginner’s Guide

  By benboland – Last updated 22 Jul 2022

A new wave of casino games has been taking the industry by storm in recent years, which offer the ideal blend between online slots and bingo-style gameplay. So, if you’re tired of spinning on the same old slots or you’d rather try something other than traditional bingo games, you’ll want to check out the exciting range of Slingo games widely available at the top UK casinos.

Of course, with it being something of a new genre, though, you may be unfamiliar with the rather unique mechanics. That’s why we’ve dedicated this page to teach you how to play Slingo, whilst also offering several tips to help you reach the more valuable prizes along the way. So, be sure to read on to discover everything you’ll need to know!

What Is Slingo?

Simply put, Slingo is a new and exciting type of casino game that marries the best gameplay elements from two of the most popular genres – online slots and bingo. Your goal is to create horizontal, vertical or diagonal Slingos (lines), by matching numbers from the single-reel slot at the bottom of the screen with those on your card. With each line you create, you’ll progress further on the prize ladder and earn increasingly valuable cash prizes of features. However, each game also has several unique mechanics and symbols that can either help or hinder your progress – we go into greater detail later on in our guide.

How To Play Slingo Online?

Slingo image generic

Although there are many different Slingo games, they each share the same core mechanics, whereby you need to match as many numbers as possible to create lines within a set number of spins.

To start off, simply select your stake and click spin. With each spin, symbols will land on the single-reel slot at the bottom of the screen and if any match the numbers on your card they’ll be automatically marked off. As you match more numbers, you’ll begin to create Slingos (horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines) and move up the prize ladder, which offers increasingly valuable prizes for the more Slingos you hit.

Once the spin counter reaches zero though, the game isn’t necessarily over. If the next prize is achievable, you may be able to purchase additional spins – be mindful though that the cost of these spins can rise drastically, potentially causing you to spend more than what the prize is worth.

Slingo Symbols And Their Meanings

Like how slots, among other online casino games, use different symbols to trigger various mechanics and features, you’ll encounter certain special symbols when playing Slingo. Some simply help you to match more numbers, others can potentially trigger instant cash prizes and features but there are a few that act to hinder your progress – check them out below.

  • Joker: Jokers are wild and allow you to mark off any number on the column it appears.
  • Super Joker: An improved version of the wild, Super Jokers will allow you to mark off any number on your card.
  • Free Spin: Awards +1 free spin to your remaining total, which plays out at the end of your initial spins.
  • Devil: These act as blocker symbols. They block all potential matches on the column upon which they land.
  • Instant prize/feature symbols: Certain Slingo games come with triggerable in-game features. With these, you typically need to land 3 matching prize symbols during a single spin to activate their respective rewards.

Where Can I Play Slingo?

Given the rise in popularity of online Slingo, you can play these games at the majority of UK online casinos. Most sites have fully embraced this innovative and fast-paced genre of casino game so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. However, if you’d rather forgo the search, you can simply choose from any of our top picks to get straight to the heart of the action – you can even claim a welcome bonus to start your session with extra cash!

There’s a wide variety of different Slingo games to try out, each with different themes, prizes and features to discover. To help you get started though, we’ve listed some of the most popular titles below, along with a brief overview of what you can expect should you choose to play.

Slingo Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches slingo

Based on the hugely popular Rainbow Riches slot, this release combines a familiar Irish theme with a range of exciting features to deliver fantastic potential prizes. Here, your goal is to create a minimum of 5 lines to be eligible for a prize, though instead of winning a fixed cash amount, you’ll trigger various features. Make it all the way to the top of the ladder by matching a full house to activate the Pots of Gold feature where you can win up to 1,000x your stake.

Slingo Deal Or No Deal

deal or no deal

Slingo Deal Or No Deal combines the best elements of the hit TV game show with special multipliers and mechanics to provide a unique and satisfying experience. The gameplay couldn’t be any more straightforward; all you need to do is select your lucky box before the game begins and match the numbers revealed with those on your card. As you eliminate matching boxes, certain prizes values are removed from the game but if you manage to create a minimum of 4 lines you’ll unlock the Banker’s Offer, where a familiar decision awaits – accept the offer and walk away with your winnings or reject it for a chance to earn increasing win multipliers and even larger cash prizes!

Slingo Monopoly

monopoly screenshot

Monopoly Slingo blends several elements from the world’s favourite board game with the unique Slingo experience. Start by setting your stake and selecting your game piece – the latter decision is important though as it influences the volatility of the gameplay. Travel around the board and collect properties to create lines and climb higher on the prize ladder – the more real estate you own the more valuable your prize will be. Successfully complete a property set and you’ll unlock special win multipliers, land on Chance or Community Chest spaces to uncover random boosts or pitfalls and, as always, try to avoid jail at all costs!

Strategies And Tips For Playing Slingo

When you first play Slingo, you may think it’s simply a matter of hitting spin and hoping for the best. Whilst it’s true that the outcome is random, we’ve outlined several tips below that you can employ to make the most out of each game.

Tip #1 – Use The Jokers Wisely

As you play, you’ll encounter wild Joker symbols that you can use to select specific numbers either on a specific column or anywhere on your card. Although it may seem like your selection doesn’t really matter, there’s a certain strategy to employ here. As the underlying goal is to create as many Slingos as you can, you should always use the Jokers to select numbers that will either complete a line or put you one step closer to doing so whenever possible.

Tip #2 – Look For Games With Special Features

Although all Slingo games have a prize ladder, which offers better rewards the further you progress, some titles also have random features and bonuses that can net you extra cash as you play. Slingo Starburst is a great example if you’re looking for instant cash prizes and Book of Slingo is ideal if you want slot-style free spins. Ultimately though, we recommend you check the game’s information panel before playing to determine whether or not there are any special features available.

Tip #3 – Extra Spins: Weigh The Risk Against The Potential Reward

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you should always consider whether or not it’s worth the risk of purchasing additional spins. Although you may be close to the next prize, each spin is randomly determined and there’s no guarantee you’ll land the required number(s) to complete a line. Plus, as the cost for each additional spin dramatically increases the higher you are on the prize ladder, your total outlay can quickly exceed what you were willing to initially spend.