What are forfeitable bonuses

In order to answer this question, we must get to know what so-called normal and unforfeitable bonuses are.

Your typical online casino deposit bonuses always come with a small caveat called the wagering requirement. This thing will require you to roll over your bonus a few times in order to change it into real money. Let us say you deposit £20 and get a 100% bonus of £20 to go along with it. Generally, you will then have to wager either just your bonus or your deposit and your bonus a few times.

To provide you with a better understanding of how things works, let us say that this imaginary example casino has a wagering requirement of 50x for your bonus amount. This would mean that you have to wager £20 x 50 = £1000 worth with your £40 before you can withdraw your money. With forfeitable bonuses (or non-sticky, if you will), however, the things are a bit different.

When you have a forfeitable bonus, you are allowed to withdraw even if you do not complete your wagering. This is possible if, and only if, you manage to win some money with your real cash. The trick here is that you first play with your real cash and only then move onto your bonus amount. In this example, your money would basically be split into 20 pounds of real money and 20 pounds of bonus money, as well as kept apart from each other.

One way to visualise forfeitable bonuses would be to think of your money as a pile of food where there is some salad on top and some not so healthy stuff underneath. If you find that the salad makes you full and satisfied enough already, there is no reason to eat the more fattening stuff anymore. Instead, you can just throw away the junk food (or bonus) and quit while you are still ahead. In the context of casino bonuses, this means that you can just withdraw your winnings and forfeit the bonus.

Downsides of forfeitable bonuses

There really are not a lot of downsides to forfeitable bonuses. Online casinos offering you this kind of benefits are basically giving you a great opportunity to treat your bonus as a second chance instead of tying your real money down with sometimes seemingly endless wagering requirements.

The only real downside that we can see in playing with forfeitable bonuses is that the bonus wagering does not start before you have exhausted your real money balance. This means that you could be playing with your real money for a long while before actually as much as touching your bonus balance and consequently triggering your wagering requirement.

Where can I find forfeitable bonuses

Take a look at some of Slotsia’s older online casino reviews in order to find some forfeitable bonuses for you to use! These casinos include Mr Green, LeoVegas, Slotsmillion and Vera & John to name but a few!

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