What is gamification?

Most online casino players are probably fans of other kinds of games as well. Same as the casino industry, the video game industry is also huge nowadays. Gamification is like the love child of video games and casino games, as it tries to combine the two.

What gamification is, is basically the casino’s very own story, told with the help of casino games. Let’s say you have a hero character—like the one at Casino Heroes, a great innovator in gamification—and your job is to slay the dragon that’s terrorising the whole kingdom where you live in. With gamification, you can experience the trials and tribulations of a hero by completing tasks while play certain slots. For instance, to beat the dragon and to obtain his treasure chest that contains free spins, you might have to trigger some slot machine’s bonus feature. We think you get the point.

Of course, gamification is still a pretty new concept, but it’s slowly changing the way we play at online casinos. Instead of just tirelessly spinning the reels and enjoying your basic casino experience, you could be fighting hordes of werewolves or bringing criminals to justice. Gamification stories can be pretty addictive and audiovisually impressive. There’s really no telling how far this concept could go in combining different entertainment areas with each other.

Even so, if you still prefer to just play your games as they are, no one’s stopping you. It is just a great time to be a casino player with all kinds of new things happening all the time. The freedom of choice is growing by the minute and the casinos are ready to put you in the driver’s seat. It might be a cliché to say, but only sky certainly seems to be the limit here.

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