How Do Slot Machines Work?

  By – Last updated 2 Dec 2019

Players love slots machines because they are easy to play and casinos love them because they are much more profitable than any other game in their establishment. Their profitability comes from the way they work as well as the sheer volume of players who play on them. What is fascinating is, even if lots of players love online slots, most of them do not understand how they work, and not a single reputable casino will give you this information as it is a trade secret.

So, How Do Casino Slots Actually Work?

Well, as you may know, all casino slots have reels that spin during each round unless you play on autospin, which is a topic for another day. Most slots come with three reels although more and more new casinos now come with up to five reels. These five-reel video slots are marketed as giving you better odds of winning but that is not right due to the way the machines are set up.

Each of the symbols on the reels is “weighted”. Weighting simply determines how likely a symbol is to be picked. Symbols that are heavily weighted, usually those of a higher value, appear less often making the odds of landing them very low. What this means is that due to the amount of time it would take someone to win, a casino can place a huge jackpot on landing the weighted symbol on lots of video slots and break even before it is won. slot machine parts

No, Casinos Are Not Ripping You Off

Some players, when they go for too long without winning might start thinking the casino is ripping them off. This is not true (as long as you’re not playing on a unlicensed casino, which then might be rogue). Every single game in a casino has its odds with some of them having worse odds than others. It is therefore important that you understand the odds of a video slots game before you commit to playing for the jackpot. There is one tip you could follow to achieve this.

One rule of thumb is, the bigger the jackpot or price, the lower the chances of you winning it. Although most slot machines have smaller prices, they pay out more frequently. It, therefore, makes sense for you to play at these machines, win small amounts a lot of times and slowly work your way up. Doing this is better than trying for the big price, losing lots of money and leaving before hitting the jackpot.

Understanding How Slots Work Is Beneficial

Every player who wants to make some money playing slots has to understand how they work. Having this information will help you choose the best slot games and ensure you do not lose too much money. If you cannot find this information by looking at the machines, an internet search should let you know what games are less likely to eat up all your money. Lastly, remember playing is all about fun so do not take it too seriously. And while you’re at it, why don’t you start gambling with someone else’s money? A no deposit casino will give you a few £ to play for free, and Slotsia is the place to find the best offers!

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