How to Cheat Video Slot Machines?

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If you are an online casino slots player, there is a high chance you have looked up “How to win on video slots machines.” It is normal to want to learn how to increase your chances of winning. However, there is a section of video slots players whose curiosity is on an entirely different level. These players are researching ways to hack or cheat some of the best casinos for online slots. You will find the information we share here invaluable if you have ever had the fascination of learning about the different ways of cheating video slot machines. Spoilers alert! Do not get your hopes up.

Is Cheating On Video Slot Machines Possible?

No matter how hard you would try, it is currently impossible to cheat the video slots machines. Video slot machines are tamperproof; this means that they cannot be manipulated. Tampering with slot machines was possible decades ago, but not anymore. To understand why tampering with video slot machines is impossible. First, you will need to know how the machines work. There are online casino players who still believe that video slots are made of turning wheels and cogs. The mechanical wheel and cog technology were replaced in 1990(s), and things have been digital since then.

When you are playing on video slot machines, the spinning reels are a set of computer algorithms and codes. Opening a slot machine cabinet will reveal no cogs or wheels. Instead, computer software decides if you have won or not. The manipulation of this system mechanically is impossible. It is still impossible to manipulate the video slots machine software by hacking. Trying to hack video slot software is illegal and can land you in serious trouble.

Myths on Cheating Video Slot Machines

Before the evolution of the gambling scene, slot machines were mechanical. The slot machines did not need electricity to run. Instead, these machines were manually winded by casino workers every few days. Cheating video slot machines will require you to time travel back to a time before the 1960(s) when everything was manual.

The nature of the technology in the gambling scene allowed the manipulation of the slot machines. Today, it is impossible to predict when the spinning reels in a video slot will produce a winning combination. Back in the days, you could predict when a slot machine was about to produce a winning combination since the slot machines would make a weird sound. The weird sounds were louder on the older slot machines making them a favourite among slots enthusiasts.

We are in the 21st century, and almost everything can be done online; explaining why mechanical slots are no more. In the 1960(s), the gambling scene adopted the use of electro-mechanical games. These games worked using electricity, and despite still using cogs and wheels, were extremely difficult to cheat. The electro-mechanical games’ reign ended in the 1990(s), when IGT introduced the video slot technology.

IGT’s new technology revolutionised the gambling scene since all casino games, including slots, were run using a computer algorithm (software). It is now over 30 years since the adoption of computer algorithms to run all slot games. Brick and mortar casinos use computer software to produce the winning combination in slot games, something that is replicated in modern online casinos.

Why Cheating Modern Slot Machines Is Impossible

That is because the results are determined by an RNG (random number generator), and it is impossible to predict the outcome. Let’s explain this so it will be easier to understand. The symbols you see on the slot machine screen are not symbols. They are computer codes that have a numerical counterpart. Here is an example:

Cheating video slot machines is impossible because of the use of the RNG (random number generator) technology to determine the outcome of a game. The following example explains how RNG works. When playing a slots game, the symbols or characters you see on the screen are not real symbols. The symbols you see while playing video slots are computer codes or algorithms that have numerical (counterparts) representation.

  • Jackpot Symbol: 18496
  • Grapefruit Symbol: 22895
  • Watermelon Symbol: 25319

Every time you spin the reel while playing a slots game, a series of numbers is randomly generated by the RNG software. If the number generated by the RNG software is within the range of a symbol’s number, the symbol will be displayed on your/the screen. For instance, if the RNG software generates a series of numbers ranging between 25.310 and 25.320, a watermelon symbol will appear on the screen since its numerical counterpart is 25.319

The RNG software communicates to the central server the number that has been generated. The central server decided the symbol to place on the screen after checking the numbers, all this happing in seconds. Predicting the numbers that will be generated with the RNG software is impossible even by the system’s programmer since the results are genuinely random. Even with unrestricted access to the central server, changing the results of the RNG software will be impossible. Hackers do not bother exploiting the RNG software because the results of the spins are checked and verified by multiple sources in a very short time.

Cheating or manipulating conventional video slots machines would necessitate the hacking of several servers, having full access to a casino’s network, and listening to all digital communications. Unless you have excellent computing capabilities and skills, attempting to cheat a video slot machine would be a waste of time. All modern games, including slots games, have RTP (return to player) values that are known to the casino and players alike. If there is a change in those values, both you and the casino will be notified. Having looked at several significant scenarios, we are confident that cheating video slot machines whether on brick and mortar or online casinos would be impossible.

Do Casinos Protect Themselves from Slot Cheats?

Did you know online casinos, brick-and-mortar casinos, and other gambling enterprises that offer slot games invest in protecting themselves from cheats? If you didn’t know, now you know, and here’s how. For starter, brick and mortar casinos deploy highly sophisticated light sensors besides watching and recording all floor movements 24/7.

For you to cheat a video slots machine in a brick and mortar casino, you will need access to the playing cabinets. Constant surveillance makes accessing these cabinets impossible hence, you can’t cheat the video slots machine. Finally, brick and mortar casinos watch the recorded streams right after a player wins to ensure that there was no manipulation or cheating.

Cheating players are automatically arrested, removed from the gambling establishment, and might be permanently banned from accessing the platform. Online casinos, on the other hand, rely on its RNG software to protect itself from cheats. Online casinos also invest in cybersecurity to protect the integrity of their systems from hackers while also ensuring that their client’s sensitive information remains protected.

Winning Video Slot Games Is Luck, Nothing Else

No one actual system can help you win games on video slot machines. Winning while playing video slot games is all determinant on luck since you cannot use a system or cheat. The RNG (random number generator) ensures that all slot game results are random and unpredictable. Of course, there are tips and tricks that you can use to improve your chances of winning, selecting games with high RTPs being an excellent tip.

How to Increase Your Winnings While Playing On Video Slot Machines?

You can always increase your winnings while playing in video slot machines by using the following best casino gaming practices.

Taking Advantage of No Deposit Bonuses

If you are a newbie in the gambling scene, there are high chances you are not familiar with outsourcing casino bonuses. The biggest secret about casino bonuses is that; you can earn many bonuses if you know where to look. Veteran slots players admit that succeeding in slots comes down to giving yourself many attempts since everything narrows down to luck. Bonuses allow you to have several tries at a particular slot game for free. Forgoing casino bonuses is giving away the chance to get ahead for free.

Playing the Online Casino Instead of the Video Slot Machine

Instead of trying to cheat the video slot machines, play the online casino and win with their bonus codes. When playing video slots, one of the best ways of increasing your winnings at a slot game is finding casino bonuses that have low wagering requirements. Also, ensure that the bonuses have a little or no maximum cash-out limit.

Many casinos trick player with huge bonuses knowing that claiming the bonus would be difficult due to the high wagering requirements. You can increase your winnings when playing video slot machine games by playing with bonuses with wagering requirements of *10 or below.

We strongly advise casino players from attempting to cheat while playing games on video slot machines since it is illegal and might have dire consequences.

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