How to play MyVegas slots and cash in rewards

  By benboland – Last updated 26 Mar 2021

MyVegas is a gaming app for Facebook, Android, and iPhone through which you can play with virtual cash and earn real rewards.

Your major task when playing is to find online slots for fun in order to gain more experience to get to higher levels. It’s at higher levels that you collect more free chips, increasing your chances of gaining loyalty points which can be redeemed for different real rewards.

To maximise your return of loyalty points, you need to spin competently by spending only what you need to spend in order to amass as many loyalty points as possible. Fundamentally, this game is all about managing your chip stack and staking appropriate amounts to maximise your potential for loyalty points. There are several methods of getting more chips which you’ll discover as you read on.

Where to play MyVegas slots

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You can access and play MyVegas from Android and iOS running devices. Playing MyVegas slots and table games requires a constant internet connection. You also need to remember that a limited internet connection can ruin your gaming experience. The MyVegas mobile game is a supplement for the desktop version that players can play if they have Facebook accounts.

You need to sign in to both your Facebook, desktop and mobile versions of MyVegas; being signed in into your MyVegas account across the different platforms allows for the synchronizing of your loyalty points. With your loyalty points synced, you can have the guarantee of being credited for the time you spend on the game.

The fact that MyVegas is a slots and tables game app means that you don’t need fancy or cutting edge hardware. However, a device with great specs will provide you with a superior gaming experience since there will be zero hiccups and stuttering.

Since the MyVegas mobile version complements the Facebook version, you will have to do more than play the mobile game. Playing MyVegas on both the mobile and Facebook platforms is the first step to earning loyalty points that are redeemable in Las Vegas, including at the following venues:

  • New York-New York
  • MGM Grand
  • Luxor
  • Excalibur
  • Bellagio

If you are looking for the best Vegas experience on your mobile device or desktop then there are some fantastic casinos available to play at once you register some basic details; keep scrolling for our suggestions.

Getting more chips

As a player, you need to do all your dailies to be able to collect chips as much as you can. This will enable you to get sufficient investment which will ensure you excel and advance through the game. There are a number of methods to get more chips. Ensure to use any available chance to grab the chips which a particular game offers.

A player can earn more chips in several ways. Firstly, there’s the daily spin which is usually activated every 22 hours. Your goal is to ensure you never miss a day of login bonus to enable you to gain more chips. Secondly, you can collect free chips depending on your level every four hours. Another trick of earning more loyalty, according to App Store rules, is playing MyVegas on Facebook.

MyVegas online casinos

Given the advancement of technology, you won’t be surprised to discover that MyVegas can be played on any device as long as you have an Internet connection.

If you have had fun with MyVegas then there are plenty of online casinos that will give you an equally thrilling experience at any time of day. Vegas-themed slots are commonplace and even within that genre you will find multiple differences between each title; here are two recommended casinos:

888 Casino

888 Casino is a staple for UK players and scores highly in several areas, including the wide variety of game providers that are offered.

Slots include NetEnt’s Cash-O-Matic which has many of the features that you would get from playing in a Sin City casino hall – and all of the winning potential!

What’s more, a dedicated VIP program means that you are able to unlock unique and wonderful perks the more you play.

MrQ Casino

It would be unfair not to include an online betting establishment that offers no wager free spins, meaning that you get to keep what you win – so he is a brief overview of MrQ Casino

The website works seamlessly on mobile devices – giving control over where and when you play – and hosts a fabulous array of top slots and bingo so you will never be short of entertainment.

The no wagering spins also mean that you have a chance to explore the site and earn cash at the same time.

MyVegas Playing strategy

Back to MyVegas! The ideal strategy for playing this game is by ensuring you lower any risks of losing your entire chip stack and increase the maximum loyal points achievable. Try to play rationally and gain more points by staking wisely and levelling up. In case you want to play MyVegas flawlessly and earn the maximum loyalty points for the least chips, the strategy is to stay near 1,000 chips per spin.

  • Chips per spin
  • Maximum loyal points

MyVegas Rewards

Cashback generic image 2 coins

After long periods of building up loyalty points, players reap the rewards. However, you’ll only be limited to three premiums.

Premium rewards are any rewards where you won’t spend any extra cash. They are free plays, which are per 60 days rolling period. You can redeem your points by either exchanging via the Facebook App for real-life rewards which you want or load your reward onto your M-Life Card.

Slot bonus game tips

Bonus games are a little different from the free spins. They often use a player’s last spin-stake amount as the base for the chip earning power. This means that while playing hard to collect as many chips as you can, you should not deviate. In addition, you should bet big first and when your bankrolls drop to a lower amount, change to smaller bets which can generate free spins later.

MyVegas Metrics

As you move through the game, there are a number of terms and names given to different things which you need to know. The four main metrics you need to understand are tier points, which reveal how active you are within the games, level, which is your progress through the game, loyalty points, which is the currency used to buy your rewards and chips, which are the in-game currency.


With the right game strategy, MyVegas is a fun game. You can have this app on your mobile phone or play it on Facebook. The slots can be played for free and you’ll get real rewards. If you play steadily over a period of time you’ll earn a good number of loyalty points which will translate to a good sum of money. There’s not a much better deal than this one!

And, if you want to take your slots experience to the next level, there are a variety of online casinos that will let you do just that, with Vegas-style and other slots available in just a few clicks!