How To Spot Fake Slots & Make Sure You’re Playing On Real Ones

  By – Last updated 28 Nov 2019

It is a sad fact that many people today are being conned online. They walk about with counterfeit products not realising that they have been cheated. In this article, Slotsia will examine the possibilities of getting scammed with new online slots and how to spot a fake slot. However rare it is nowadays to come across an unlicensed gaming website, players must be very vigilant and make sure that the casino is legitimate. This is to avoid being among the statistics of people defrauded online.

What Are Fake Slots?

Despite online casinos having very strict regulations, there are sometimes instances where an unlicensed casino will be set up. Unsuspecting players will sign up to play the different slot machines and games offered in these casinos, and in the long run, end up losing their money. Sadly, there is no definitive way of knowing which slot is real or fake, but there are signs to look out for when joining a casino. Always remember to be rational, go with your instincts, and do your research before signing up and depositing any money.

Unlike real slot machines, fake slots are not regulated by any international organisations. Casinos which have not been licensed always, therefore, resort to using scripts and this is a sign that they are counterfeit slots. Any online casino employing this kind of tactic cannot get a reputable organisation to license them. Before joining any casino it is important to check that they have a valid license from a reputable organisation. The fact is that legitimate casinos also use original software licenses provided by the game developer themselves.

How To Spot A Fake Slot

Each casino slot utilises a random number generator, which is designed to give out each spinning combination. In licensed casinos, the random number generator is usually inspected by an independent international regulator. Software providers and casinos are always supervised by an international organisation, so as to prevent any manipulation of the random number generator. Casino software providers have also given casinos the option of connecting to their servers. So, whenever you find out that you are running on scripts, the chances are you are at a fake casino.

Another aspect which a player should look out for is where you download the games from. All licensed games can normally be accessed from certain servers belonging to a certain casino provider. Always check for re-directs when downloading the games, and pay attention to what happens when downloading the original demo version of the slot. You can check the server name by right-clicking on the Adobe player setting while the game is downloading. It will then give you the server address. Original slots from a provider, have the same server address, but when you find that it runs on scripts then you have been accessing the games on a fake casino.

Protecting Yourself From Fake Slots

It is important that whenever you sign up to play games on an online casino that you remain vigilant. Be mindful and scrutinise the loading screen. Check for glitches and load time. If there is no load screen, then this is a red flag and you need to log out of the site. Also, always inspect the paytables and rules and be wary of any awful graphics. The only guaranteed way that you can protect yourself from fake slots, is by playing in a fully licenced and audited casino.

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