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Hello again, our dear readers! We are happy to see that you’re taking our articles seriously and want to up your game. The online casino business is not easy to navigate, so there is certainly no wrong in holding hands with people who’ve pretty much gone through it all and seen it all. You should really keep reading to get your daily fix and to learn more! After all, that is what we are here for!

This time, we will be talking about casino online slots with the so-called ‘win both ways‘ feature. This feature can be found from modern games such as Fairytale Legends: Hansel and Gretel, Fruit Zen, Kawaii Kitty, Sunny Shores, Boomanji, Fruit Zen and many, many others.

Oh, we almost forgot! Even Starburst, the legendary NetEnt slot itself, allows you to win both ways.

What does ‘winning both ways’ mean?

We are glad you asked. In English, we always read from left to right, whereas people from Japan read from right to left. We are not really sure how Japanese slots are, but we guess that even in the land of the rising sun slots tend to give out winnings from left to right when adjacent symbols are in place. Winning both ways, however, makes it possible for you to win even if your first two reels aren’t giving you anything—as long as your last three reels have symbols lined up the right way.

What we are trying to say here is that winning both ways allows you to win from both left to right and from right to left.

Do these games give you more of a chance to win?

A-ha! Now we are getting to the good stuff! Of course, you would assume that winning both ways would mean that you are twice as likely to win. Technically, you are correct—it certainly makes you more likely to win when you have more ways in which you can win.

The trick here is that these games still might not have a better RTP (return to player) than your average video slots. This is due to the fact that these games have been balanced in a way that even if you win more often—which is not guaranteed as it depends on how the games have been built—you might just happen to win less at a time. This is not a given either, though, as these games might just as well make you win more at a time but end up paying you less regularly.

All in all, winning both ways doesn’t actually mean anything when it comes to the frequency at which you win or the amount of what you win. It all depends on how the games have been designed and what choices the developers have made.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though, as winning both ways could still be more entertaining than just winning one way. This is because the more ways there are to win, the more exciting online casino games become. Take old and rusty video slots for example—they didn’t necessarily have worse RTPs than the games of today, they just aren’t equally as modern and interesting as today’s slots.

Traditional one-armed bandits were cool when they first arrived on the scene, but nowadays many would argue that they have nothing on today’s video slots, most of which have wilds, scatters and endless amounts of other bonus features.

What has actually changed the most over the years is how game developers package their games. It’s the era of audiovisual and flashy casino adventures. It’s not only about winning anymore—it’s about winning in style that counts, and that is where winning both ways comes in!

win both ways slots


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