The era of Branded Slots

  By benboland – Last updated 19 Oct 2021

Branded slots are some of the best online slots, customised with their themes inspired by popular TV shows, movies, music, or celebrities.

These branded slots were developed to latch on what is familiar, since almost everyone loves movies, music, and celebrities. It is easier to market these branded slots because players can already relate to the characters and people tend to be comfortable with what they already knew.

Branded slots were first introduced by land-based casinos to attract players before they were adopted by world-leading software developers in the industry such as NetEnt. These branded slots have been accepted by the online gambling community with much zest.

However, these type of slots does not pay out as much as regular slots do, but players still tend to choose them over regular slots.

  • Fascinating characters and symbols
  • Easy to market and sell to players

Why Have Branded Slots Become Popular?

Although branded slots do not pay as high as regular slots, they are highly popular among online casino players. This is because they are developed to target player interests. As a slots lover, it is easier to choose a video slot game that has your favourite character from a particular TV show, or a movie, over a random video slot game; which is why branded slots have gained high popularity.

With the increasing popularity of branded slots, it is not surprising to see celebrities and production companies wanting a piece of the action, as they are known to make lots of money for them. Online casinos tend to also make millions as this type of slots attract players easily since they can relate to a certain game faster based on either loyalty or familiarity.

Getting the Right Brand

It is no doubt that branded slots are highly accepted in the online gambling community. However, a branded slot needs to be targeted towards the right audience, since it will be a waste of resources to create one that has demography of audience below the legal age. It is always important to develop a game using the right brands, especially those more appealing to a vast audience.

  • Interesting themes and storylines
  • Relatable graphics and familiar music

Are Branded Slots Getting Players’ Attention?

From the words of NetEnt’s marketing manager Hanne Aimonen, after the launch of their latest branded slot called Scarface, it was understood that NetEnt recognises the potential of branded slots. Online statistics show that they are increasingly getting greater attention from players in the gambling industry. Not only that, they are also getting attention from top brands like Universal Studios, Marvel Studios, and so on.

Online Casinos and Branded Slots

Land-based casinos had already started offering branded slots to players long before online casinos came in the loop. However, online is certainly getting the best out of branded slots as it is easy for players to access the casino sites.

Recently, virtually all online casinos offer branded slots to their players, and you can find titles like Narcos, The Invisible Man or even Vikings available to play.

Branded Slots Series: A cool way to attract more players

Branded slots are an amazing way of getting the players’ attention, however, there is a much better way to get even more attention from gamblers. This is through the use of branded slot series. These series make players keep coming back, as they will be excited to see what comes next. It is no doubt that this is one more way for online casinos and game providers to attract more players.

Summary and Conclusion

The introduction of branded slots is a genius marketing manoeuvre, as it helps bolster sales and it is a great new way to get players’ attention. With branded slots, online casinos, game providers, celebrities, and production studios make a lot of money as the branded slots have gained much popularity in the gambling community. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that branded slots are perfect for both the game providers and players.

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