Top 5 Largest Casino Jackpots Ever

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Casino history is full of stories, legends and tall tales, particularly when it comes to the coveted jackpots. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to discern facts from fiction in that veritable sea of information. One thing is certain, though. In this digital era, the biggest, fattest and most lucrative rewards come from the online casinos, especially since the introduction of the modern marvels such as the progressive jackpots. These are the top five jackpot winners. Since the winners themselves are, for the most part, anonymous, the real stars are online slots that provided the great action packed fun and the fabulous life changing jackpot wins. Although this list can change in the blink of an eye, their names will be forever etched with blazing letters in the annals of the iGaming history.

The Battle Of The Titans

Now, what you’ll notice right away is that, although this is a top five list, only two slots are featured. That’s right; some titles simply offer more opportunities for the win than the competition. There were other games, to be sure, that at one time shared the place in this exclusive company. But, at the moment, those two iGaming titans are the only true contenders for the biggest casino jackpot title. The future will show which of those exciting titles will reign supreme and whether some worthy opponent will show up anytime soon. The first item on our list is the Mega Moolah progressive slot. This multi-award winning masterpiece by Microgaming is the frequent guest on similar lists, and it is known in gaming circles as “The Millionaire Maker”. With the jackpot of $9.22 million, Mega Moolah is currently in the fifth place of the largest jackpot list. We don’t know the identity of the fortunate player. However, we know that this person was a client of Tipico Mobile Casino and that this win was made while playing on a mobile device.

The fourth place belongs to Mega Fortune online slot developed by NetEnt. As is the case with the previous game, Mega Fortune is also a progressive slot. This particular jackpot was won in 2015 by a certain Alexander from Sweden. Alexander played at the Folkeautomaten casino, and when he finished his iGaming session, he was richer by €8.57 million. Mega Fortune also holds the third place with €11,736,375 million jackpot win made in 2011. The lucky winner is an anonymous male from Norway who on that particular night had the trouble falling asleep. He instead decided to pass the time playing Mega Fortune slot at the Betsson online casino. As it turned out, that proved to be the best decision of his life thanks to the generous Mega Fortune slot. We again encounter the Mega Moolah slot, but, this time, in the second place. The winner of whopping £13.2 million jackpot was Jon Heywood, a young veteran from the UK. Jon decided to invest the majority of his winnings on the treatment for his ailing father.

World’s Highest Slot Machine Win

January 20, 2013, is a momentous date in the online casino gaming history. That’s when the biggest jackpot win and the current world record holder was made. Some players have to systematically invest substantial amounts of money before they are rewarded with the prize worth mentioning. However, the only thing this insanely lucky winner from Finland had to do was to spend a mere 25 cents for the bet on Mega Fortune slot.

The time and previous examples had shown that Mega Fortune slot was aptly named. This anonymous gamer instantly earned a fantastic €17,861,800. We don’t have the information what the lucky winner afterwards did with his epic winnings. Nevertheless, it is certain that his life was suddenly and thoroughly changed for the better. The moral of the story? Always dare to play and strive for the greatness, even if you have just a coin in your pocket. And if you only have a coin in your pocket, make sure to take advantage of no deposit casino bonus offers.

You Too Can Make It To The List

If you are one of those iGamers who dream of hitting the colossal jackpot, your best option is to join some reputable new online casino. And if you’re looking for the very best, look no further than Although there are currently only two games on this list, the online casino industry is so dynamic and fast paced that it’s probably just a matter of the time before some new contender will appear to stir things up. Until that time, let the great slots and lucky winners from this list serve as an inspiration for your iGaming adventures and triumphs.

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