What is Quickspin Promote?

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I’m so glad you asked. Otherwise, me writing this article would’ve been an exercise in futility.

You may have even read our recent mammoth article on Quickpin slots for 2019. But now that you’re here, (let me first wipe the perspiration from my brow – I was genuinely scared you wouldn’t be interested); do know that Quickspin Promote is a suite of promotional tools built with the purpose of:

  • Engaging the players
  • Keeping them playing for longer
  • Making them so enamored with the games, that they forget time itself

Yes, Quickspin Promote is powerful stuff (there are 6 core features) and what you need to know lies beneath these humble lines of mine,

keep reading…

#1- Flexible Free Rounds

Tell me:

What is the best way to engage new players quickly and effortlessly?

By giving them a chance to play for free and with no obligation. That’s what Flexible Free Round is all about. Players can play the game for zilch, with stakes they choose; and you get to pick which players are eligible, on which games and for what cost.

Yes, Flexible Free Round is a unique promotional tool that gets newcomers playing, FAST.

#2- Feature Trigger

We all like it cheap, but we like it even more when it’s free and awesome. Feature Trigger promotional tool lets the player get free bonus spins on any of the Quickspin slots.

And bonuses are where the fun is at, as all true players can testify. They know what it’s like the get the rush of freebies coupled with the possibility of wining big.

Talk about luck and excitement.

And Feature Trigger does just that – it delivers.

#3- Achievement

In Quickspin games, each game holds 6 special events, called properly “Events” (how intuitive). Well, the Achievement promotion module gives the player a sense of accomplishment, and progress; not to mention the thrill of getting some of the loses back.

Because after all, no one plays a losing game forever. And unlocking different achievement helps keep the player engaged and re-engaged with the game.

There are four-level of achievements and rewards are payed out on each level. Also, players can track their progress via the achievement page, accessible in Quickspin games.


There are 6 Events in every Quickspin game. They serve as milestones for players. And for you, they’re opportunities to run all kinds of promotions.

The platform notifies your system when any of these events occurs during a player’s spin; and your system keeps track and gives rewards to players when they reach these milestones.

#4- Achievement Races

For a brief time period, operators can set up the games so that progress toward unlocking achievements is sped up, and at a pace of 200% 300% or even 400%.

This is a great way to boosts player’s morale, because when that adrenaline rush hits (from all the quick wins) folks will want to keep playing to see how far they can go.

#5- Challenges

This is a retention tool built into Quickspin games.

It’s purpose is to animate the players even more and give them a sense of tangible progress, accomplishment and success.

As for how it works, the objective is to get their character through the maze and to the prize. And the character moves automatically once the pathway is created.

#7- Tournaments

Finally, there’s nothing like the thrill of competing AND wining.

Quickspin team knows that, that’s why they made it an integral part of their Quickspin Promote platform.

In summary: the (6) game events serves as milestones and folks can measure the speed of their progress by the number of events they reached and unlocked, and compared to other players.

The thrills of chance taking + competitiveness= brilliance

Note: Tournaments promotional tool has become a raging success for Quickspin.

Here’s what Joey Hurtado, Head of Gaming at Betsson Group, had to say about Quickspin Tournaments:

“Quickspin’s new tournament tool has given us a great and easy way to promote their fantastic portfolio of games. The simplicity of the set up and the great presentation really helps to engage our players, especially in a multi-brand organisation such as ours, here at the Betsson Group”

And here are the words of Mats Andersson, Casino Release Manager at LeoVegas:

“Tournaments, along with the rest of the gamification tools from Quickspin promote, has been extremely popular among our players. It’s a great option when you want to enhance the gaming experience for the players, with very little effort from our side.”

All prise for Quickspin’s Tournaments tool, it must have something going for it, right?

Player engagement and loyalty- things worth investing in, today

At the start of this article, we began with a simple question “what is Quickspin Promote”?

Now I know you know the answer to this question.

And if I could hear you sitting behind my computer screen, I’d hear you say “Quickspin Promote is a suite of promotional tools built to engage and entertain the players in more ways than one.

It’s the future come today, an indispensable tool-set for any respectable casino, and not using it would bring about dire consequences (like your competition leapfrogging you)”.

Excellent answer!

I’d just like to add that player enjoyment and loyalty are things worth investing in, today.

Quickspin promote features and Achievements


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