What Makes an Online Slot Successful

  By – Last updated 18 Sep 2019

If you are looking to create a new online slot game, getting your new reputable online gambling software is a crucial step. It will determine the game performance and what players can expect from it. That’s why it is crucial to choose a software company that is known for creating the best online slots. You need to evaluate everything from their pricing, terms of guarantees, gaming reviews, and security features.

You should pay attention to the content of their games, how well they operate and game fairness. You can consider big names like NetEnt, Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, and IGT, but if you are actually looking to produce a new slot from scratch – or if you are just curious about the topic – you should know what makes a good slot. Therefore, we have listed some mandatory features of slot games below.

  • Knowing what players want
  • Having software from a reliable provider
  • Entertaining and unusual theme
  • Great bonus features and smooth gameplay

Know Your Competition

There are thousands of online slot games; therefore, there is a lot of competition out there. New games should have what it takes to stand out by providing value to players and what they want. Providers should visit the top sites to find out what players want, and they will know more about them. There are plenty of reviews to find online about the top games offered.

In order to get players to choose a new slot over the old and classic ones, it needs to be good and offer something new. New slots should have great features and bonuses that will keep the player interested. Some slots even have mini-games within the game or unique soundtracks and animations. By researching and getting to know what players want and appreciate, a great slot can be created.

Amazing Theme, Graphics, and Sounds

Players do not want to see a blank white background, poor graphics, and dull sounds. This is where creativity sets in because if you have a brilliant idea for an online slots theme, you can have it made. Everything else will follow, like the impeccable graphics and idea for the sounds. Any gamer does not want to see a layout that is too plain or too complicated.

  • The theme could be based on anything popular
  • Cheerful sounds are better

Great Bonuses

Aside from the welcome bonus of a casino, bonuses within a slot are some of the most fun for online players. Bonuses and Free Spins to boost their winnings will get players hooked. Since online slots are a game of chance, Free Spins and bonuses give them more opportunities to win. For instance, ten Free Spins are triggered if they land a Wild symbol.


The RTP is short for return to player percentage and refers to how much is paid back to players on average. It is shown in percentage, and by having a high RTP, players will know how much of their money they can expect to be returned in winnings. Online gamblers are more attracted to slots games with a high RTP, which is at least 96%.

Navigation and gameplay

When designing a slot game, it is essential that players can easily navigate through it. They want to get in the game right away and do not want to waste time trying to find the features they need. Players will be quick to leave. Furthermore, make sure to have fun gameplay. Ideally offering a lot of ways to win with several paylines and reels.

Market Your Game Well

When you are entirely ready to introduce your game to the online casino industry, good marketing is vital. Make sure that your game gets a lot of exposure to attract new players. A tried and tested method is to do a lot of promotions. After that, your game should be good enough to get them hooked. Use attractive symbols and be generous with bonuses and Free Spins.


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