Why wild symbols are important when playing slots

  By slotsia.com – Last updated 28 Nov 2019

Modern casino online slots are a lot better than what they used to be. This much is a given. Games of the yesteryear were very archaic and rudimentary. There are many reasons why these games have gotten so much better over the years, but technology must be the greatest one. Old games were made of just few pixels and the sounds were all bleeps and blobs. Nowadays, things are a lot different from this.

Wild symbols – what are they?

A lot of older casino players probably remember a time when casino games used to feature only a few different kinds of symbols. Oftentimes, these symbols would include bells, oranges, lemons, cherries, watermelons, lucky sevens, horseshoes and BAR symbols. Having listed these symbols, we have probably described quite a few games from that certain era. It wasn’t until recently that online casino sites and slots really took off and more symbols started to slowly appear. Now, each slots machine has their very own symbols, with the inclusion of perhaps some classic card symbols thrown in the mix.

Wild symbols have always been great. Even when games still used to be very simple, wild symbols were steadily becoming more and more recognisable and common. But what are wild symbols actually? They are basically the slots machine’s way of giving you wins by adding a kind of a joker into the fold. Generally speaking, wild symbols tend to substitute just about every other symbol that there is—not including the scatter symbol. So, if you normally had high-paying symbols on, for example, reels one, two, four and five, a wild symbol on the same payline on the reel number three would make your five-symbol win complete, netting you just as much money as you would get if you had five of the same symbols on an active payline. What’s more is that this same wild symbol can actually be giving you wins on several other paylines at the same time if you happen to have other combinations there as well. Thus, wild symbol becomes the most important symbol that there is as it can really do a number of jobs at the same time.

Many kinds of wilds

Nowadays, a lot of modern casino providers are making use of wild symbols’ popularity by adding different kinds of bonus features to their games. Regular wilds are not necessarily everything that there are, as you can find things like stacked wilds, random wilds, and even sticky wilds.

Stacked wilds are basically wilds that are piled on top of each other, making winning on multiple paylines at the same time even more probable. Random wilds, on the other hand, are wilds that appear out of thin air and just replace some of the symbols on your screen. Finally, we have the sticky wilds, which will just stick to your screen for at least two spins until they come off. The more wilds that you have on the screen at the same time, the better your chances are to win big.

Only play games with multiple different wilds

The key to a great gambling seassion these days is to find yourself a game that is loaded with all kinds of wild symbols. These games will really take your experience to a whole other level as you don’t have to be hitting the rarest possible symbols to win a lot of money. Instead, it is okay to just get, say, three wilds and then follow that up with a high-paying symbol. This way, you are increasing your odds to win with some of those symbols that are normally very hard to come by.

wild symbols


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